BSI Trafficking & Supply Chain Slavery Patterns Index

Recent media and non-government organization (NGO) attention have cast light on how prevalent human trafficking and slavery are around the world. Multinational companies with global supply chains who realize that their own operations may be supporting the practice often struggle to incorporate information and methods into their due diligence programs to tackle the issue. In addition, regulations such as the UK Modern Slavery Act and the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act have increased the urgency of establishing sound practices to support public disclosure requirements on the subject. 

Addressing trafficking and slavery issues

BSI Supply Chain Services and Solutions has responded by developing the BSI Trafficking & Supply Chain Slavery Patterns Index. BSI’s expertise and focus on the breadth of supply chain threats – human rights abuses, security threats, and business continuity risks – uniquely positions us to support our clients’ needs in understanding and mitigating such a large-scale and complex issue.  Our team of experts has leveraged years of proprietary intelligence and analysis captured in our SCREEN platform, and incorporated various macroeconomic data to establish a model to enable organizations to identify and predict migration patterns 

What the Index does and how it helps

The Index is unique in its ability to enable our clients to understand the intersection and relationship between sources of displaced people, and the likelihood of being exploited upon arrival in destination countries.

The proprietary model supporting the Index results in a clear, intuitive presentation of tens of thousands of pairings of source/destination countries and their relative risk. The Index also identifies when these pairing have been cited by credible sources, such as the U.S. State Department’s Trafficking in Persons Report, providing our clients a holistic understanding of the probability of these types of abuses, as well as real-world documented cases. The combination allows organizations the ability to make informed decisions about sourcing products and materials, as well as how to engage suppliers to drive continuous improvement in supporting worker needs throughout the supply chains.

How to obtain the Index

The Index is offered as a stand-alone purchase.  It’s also available with a Supply Chain Slavery Gap Assessment, a subscription to SCREEN, or as a customized tool incorporating a company’s specific mix of products and materials. Our Advisory team will work with you to you to identify the correct level of information and services needed to effectively identify and mitigate exposures throughout your supply chain.

Contact a member of our Advisory team if you would like to discuss how to incorporate this powerful tool into your supply chain risk management program.

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