CSR Project Facilitation and Program Management

BSI offers the experience, flexibility and insight to lead specialized short-term projects as well as long-term multi-stakeholder initiatives. Our focus on understanding stakeholder needs, developing creative solutions and delivering measurable outcomes results in effective and cost-effective engagements.

Program Management

BSI has developed a successful track record of program management, including in-house corporate responsible sourcing programs, and also collaborative initiative-based programs. BSI acts as an extension of our client’s organization, managing the workflow, supplier communication, and execution of daily tasks related to a CSR program. BSI provides staffing, full- or part-time, located at the client’s site or at a BSI location. Along with regular reporting, access to supplier information via SCM, and ad hoc communication, BSI also conducts regular program reviews with client representatives, in order to enable the client to maintain a sufficient level of control, visibility and direction over the program.  

Project Design and Management

BSI provides the expertise and software to design, lead and maintain enterprise, multi-stakeholder projects for companies, government agencies, development banks and foundations.

Our Advisory team begins the development of solutions by working closely with project sponsors and participants to understand stakeholders and their needs. This informs the process with a diverse range of perspectives, improves project adoption, and mitigates the risk of resistance.

Our Advisors use a range of creative methods to uncover feedback and needs, and incorporate agile project management techniques to quickly and effectively prioritize needs based on materiality, impact and urgency. Stakeholder needs feed a rapid ideation process that identifies and prioritizes creative solutions.

BSI’s Advisors then facilitate the process of quickly validating, testing and improving the solution through the iterative agile development process. Pilots that can scale and be sustained by impacted stakeholders graduate to larger-scale product/program build and launch. Along with project leadership, BSI’s global reach make us the ideal partner to provide expertise and local knowledge across 90 countries around the world.