CSR Continuous Improvement and Skills Building

Audit-only responsible sourcing program approaches focus solely on uncovering a problem as the end-goal. BSI advocates that workplace risk uncovered during an audit is actually the starting point of a process that should add value throughout the value chain. BSI enables this value creation through our intelligence, guidance and information tools. BSI software allows you to scale substantive CAPA dialogue with suppliers. BSI Advisory support gives you the skills & mindset to lead your suppliers toward improvement. BSI field experts provide hands-on guidance to suppliers to identify root causes, develop preventive actions & provide access to training resources on workplace management systems. 

Capacity Building and Continuous Improvement (CBCI)

BSI believes that every workday presents opportunities to develop skills. We integrate skills-building into working practice through our CBCI services, which are designed as a flexible yet repeatable and scalable framework of events that lead suppliers through a critical thinking process that analyzes and resolves specific challenges that are uncovered during BSI Verification audits. Each engagement is a custom-configured series of linked events leading from assessment to solution design to execution. The methods and content focus on:

  • Management systems
  • Risk-based prioritization
  • Root cause analysis
  • Change management
  • Leadership development
  • Empowerment & skills development


The BSI Advisor leads the project over a series of weeks or months, integrating formal training sessions on technical requirements, based on needs uncovered during the gap assessment. Training content incorporates management systems and technical content from standards that BSI has developed, including:

  • Health and Safety Management Systems (OHSAS 18001:2007)
  • Ethics/Anti-Bribery Management Systems (BS 10500:2011)
  • Environmental Management Systems (ISO 14001:2004)
  • Hazardous materials management system (QC 080000)

Topic-specific Training

Staff, suppliers and other impacted stakeholders need the right skills to successfully carry out program requirements, make informed decisions and align daily practice toward agreed-upon goals. BSI offers structured training modules to serve this end, and can also develop custom training based on client needs. Focus areas and methods include:

CSR Program Staff Training

  • CSR 101: Primer on CSR principles, international frameworks, program goals/structure, and audit methods.
  • Information to Insight to Action: Using BSI information tools (SCREEN/SCM) to develop strategy and make informed decisions.
  • Scalable Suppler Dialogue: Developing skills to facilitate dialogue with suppliers focused on inquiry, critical thinking, leadership development, root cause analysis, and workplace systems development. 

Buyer/Sourcing Training

  • Supplier CSR Program Introduction: Two- to four-hour training designed to overcome resistance by communicating the revised process, basic CSR concepts and requirements, and how to incorporate responsible sourcing into business practice.