CSR Advisory and Design Services

Advisory support begins by assessing current practices against a systems framework designed to identify, mitigate and remedy risk in line with recognized international frameworks such as the UN Guiding Principles for Business and Human Rights. Our Advisors apply the same framework and systems-based approach to solving problems and engaging organizations at any level of the supply chain. 


CSR Strategy & Roadmap Development

The development of the CSR Program Roadmap is focused on establishing the long-term program vision and goals, along with annual milestones leading from current- to future-state. The engagement looks beyond program execution and risk management, and out toward opportunities to leverage CSR practices to product development, brand development and cost saving opportunities. BSI engages leadership to understand organizational values and goals that intersect with CSR strategy, but also to provoke creativity, critical thinking and a data-centric bias toward decision making.

The Advisory team identifies current state gaps and latent opportunities, maps the organization’s material/impact in the present/future landscape, and facilitates the identification and prioritization of focus areas. We incorporate internationally recognized frameworks, such as the UN Sustainable Development Goals, in order to align organizational goals, KPIs and focus areas toward agreed-upon frameworks and opportunities to collaborate. Along the way, we provide guidance, feedback and critique, along with detailed program roadmaps outlining strategy, impact/materiality focus areas, KPIs, goals & milestones.

Program Development: Process Design & Configuration

BSI works closely with our clients to understand their needs and values while designing systems to manage day-to-day operations for responsible sourcing programs. Through hands-on engagement, BSI assesses current due diligence and procurement processes across departmental silos, and up/downstream within the process. BSI collaborates with key staff to develop improved to-be supply chain due diligence processes, and maps the result into the BSI Supply Chain Management platform (SCM). The entire end-to-end process, along with impact and interdependencies, are taken into account, including roles and responsibilities, information gathering, communication, risk classification, management of non-compliance issues, escalation, continuous improvement, and long-term maintenance.  Our process design focuses on:


  •  Embedding supply chain risk management practices as far upstream as appropriate
  •  Focusing resources and leverage existing practices
  • Maximizing throughput and impact of risk management practices
  • Automating administrative tasks via the BSI SCM system in order to support program scale and speed. 

Program Development: Program Scope Design

Most responsible sourcing programs expend a majority of time and resources on administration and in simply finding non-compliance issues – leaving little time to engage suppliers and drive improvement. BSI approaches the scale and complexity of supply chain risk by designing programs around proven frameworks and by leveraging current, actionable intelligence via our SCREEN platform. Our Advisory teams develop risk criteria and supplier segmentation approaches that align with client goals, resources and roadmap. Scoping a CSR program using BSI predictive intelligence enables our clients to:


  • Focus resources on highest risk/impact suppliers
  • Direct appropriate solutions to corresponding supplier risk issues
  • Support a cost-effective, yet defendable, due diligence process in line with recognized standards such as the UN Guidelines Principles on Business and Human Rights and the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act