CSR Services and Solutions

Despite the best intentions, many companies struggle to manage these large, complex networks of suppliers in a way that is efficient, measurable and that drives continuous improvement. Outdated risk management models and spreadsheet-driven processes waste resources and create gaps in information that expose companies to unknown risks, leaving little time to systematically engage suppliers and work toward shared goals to benefit the entire value chain. 

How we help

Developing a robust and sustainable Corporate Social Responsibility program requires strategy, communication, capacity building, validation, and the proper management. Incorporating these elements into your program will lead to eliminating waste, focusing resources, driving improvement and leveraging data to enable you to make intelligent, informed decisions. From strategy to execution, we emphasize measurable impact, scalability, & continuous improvement, with a focus on supporting the success of broader organizational strategy and goals. 

Advisory support begins by assessing current practices against a systems framework designed to identify, mitigate and remedy risk in line with recognized international frameworks such as the UN Guiding Principles for Business and Human Rights.

Audit-only responsible sourcing program approaches focus solely on uncovering a problem as the end-goal. BSI advocates that workplace risk uncovered during an audit is actually the starting point of a process that should add value throughout the supply chain. 

SCM’s automated features allow you to proactively identify, analyze and track compliance and risk through self-assessments, internal audits and external audits.

BSI has developed a successful track record of program management, including in-house corporate responsible sourcing programs, and also collaborative initiative-based programs. 

BSI Audits give you cost-effective assurance that your suppliers are not exposing your brand to potential security, social responsibility or business continuity risks.