Services and Solutions that we provide

Implementing BSI’s full risk management suite provides your organization with a complete solution for a more sustainable and secure supply chain. While BSI’s supply chain services and solutions can work independently to address specific needs, organizations can gain unparalleled visibility into their global operations by combining BSI’s supply chain intelligence and risk management services and solutions together.

How well do you know your supply chain?

Why choose BSI’s full risk management suite?

  • Our experienced advisors can work with you to diagnose and address gaps and risks by mapping out your global supply chain operations and leveraging our proprietary risk data and analysis tools. 
  • Using BSI’s exclusive supply chain intelligence, Supply Chain Risk Exposure Evaluation Network (SCREEN), combined with our audit analysis solution, Supplier Compliance Manager (SCM), you can identify and quantify risk on a country and supplier level.
  • Our supply chain verification auditing service, VerifEye, then gives you a steadfast method of regularly assessing your organization and suppliers against those risks, and that information can be collected in SCM so you can easily manage audit compliance and follow up actions to address nonconformities.
  • Finally, our training services can keep all parties knowledgeable and prepared for the risks they face.