Resources that we offer

As a global industry leader, we are committed to sharing best practice by providing ready access to information that helps our customers stay up-to-date on the industry trends as well as forward-looking analysis and insight that can help you intelligently prepare for what lies ahead.

Our resources cover everything from the services we provide, case studies and research papers, relevant news updates, product and service brochures, reports, and upcoming events and webinars.


Our brochures provide an overview of the customizable solutions we offer, the problems they address, what makes our approach unique, and how the intelligence they provide can best serve your company. BSI’s solutions are geared toward not only those directly responsible for the supply chain, but the executive as well.

Case studies and whitepapers

BSI’s Supply Chain Solutions’ expertise is often called upon by governments, industry associations, as well as businesses from the Fortune 500 to smaller import/export corporations. Our case studies and whitepapers are the result of our research, analysis and reporting that we have found important for maintaining strong supply chains in general as well as assisting our customers in particular.

Events and webinars

BSI Supply Chain experts are regularly called upon to speak at industry events across the globe on security, trends, and solutions regarding various aspects of supply chain management. We regularly bring these experts, along with other leaders in the industry to an open forum through our webinars for important discussion on topics that can directly impact your supply chain.

Industry news

BSI analysts across the globe regularly comb through thousands of news reports to bring information to you that may directly impact your supply chain. Our Spotlight News highlights important supply chain-related stories that you need to know.  

Press releases

We issue press releases throughout the year to keep you up to date with the latest corporate news and industry updates.

Special reports

Our Special Reports concentrate on trends in supply chain security, special alerts, detailed analysis on political and economic situations, as well as sector-specific information, all geared to support your supply chain decision-making process.